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Spanish espadrilles or alpargatas are very popular worldwide although those had been first manufactured in France. Now a days, those are rarely made in the parent countries. Rather 99% of world’s total production is now completed in Bangladesh, the home of jute for centuries. Jute, the main material to make highest quality espadrilles is exclusively harvested in Bangladesh although India produce some jute in very small quantity. China import jute from Bangladesh and try to make some espadrilles too, but those cost much higher due to added shipping cost of jute and import-taxes.

Espadrilles are very popular casual & fashion footwear in Europe and North America. Lots of fashion and styles are introduced every year for the type of sandals/shoes. Prices also varies a lot from item to item. Basic/classic espadrilles are very popular worldwide as a casual fashionable footwear.

Being the most popular natural fiber next to cotton, jute is dominating the world of Espadrille Soles. Wedges of espadrille can’t be made without jute. Because bright natural white color of jute, especially jute produced in Bangladesh is the only choice of designers to make high quality espadrille soles. Brightness of jute is the measure of price also.

Various materials are used to make uppers of espadrilles like fabrics, canvas, genuine leather, PU leather and other synthetics items. Ballerina espadrilles contain some attractive laces with the shoes. Beads are sometimes used to make ethnic feel over the espadrille. Hand stitched flat sole basic espadrilles are very popular as comfortable casual footwear.

Cotheeka Jute Industry is one of the most reputable jute sole and espadrille producing and exporting company in Bangladesh that supplies highest quality espadrilles at wholesale prices.

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